Simple Tips for PC/Laptop/Mobile Protection

Digital life is fast becoming important to us; it seems more like a daily routine that we cannot live without. Keeping this in mind have you ever wondered about potential online threats and hacking attacks that are eminent. Taking control of the security of your gadgets is essential. Listed here are a few simple tips that will help you secure your mobile devices.Use PIN protection on your mobile devicesWe all are familiar with mobile computing but often you might forget to secure your Smartphones and tablets. This is where you are exposed to the threat of data theft and hacking. At any point if your device is stolen then you are in a pickle. It is essential to protect your gadget with PIN protection. This will ensure that accessing your device will require to enter PIN. You need to turn on this feature by going to Settings app and turning it on by providing a passcode.Install an anti-theft app on your mobile devicesIt often happens that you might lose your device or it is stolen. At times like these you are likely to face threat of hacking and data theft. Apart from setting a PIN you need a more robust security. You can install an anti-theft app on your device to help recover it if stolen or misplaced. Installing such an app will help you to remotely locate your device in case it is stolen. An alert tone or siren will help find you; also you will be able to remotely wipe off your data if you are not able to recover your device. if you are an Android user you can install software like Lookout Mobile Security, for iOS user you can download free software by the name of My iPhone.In the similar way you also need to protect your laptop against any theft. Installing an anti-theft solution is the way to protect it. In case of theft you will be able to locate it remotely through its Wi-Fi position and location of IP address as soon as it is connected to the internet. There are some advanced anti-theft software that enable in remotely controlling the web cam and even the monitor of your laptop to help locate the thief. You can opt for a solution like Lojack that is compatible with Windows as well as OS X. Additionally, software like GadgetTrak and Prey are worth the try. Some laptops have inbuilt feature within BIOS that enable in locating the device even after the data is wiped of clean or hard drive is replaced.Perform PC security checksKeeping a regular check upon your PC is essential to ensure that it is safe. For this purpose you need to get in touch with a technical expert who will help you with the check. You will get the advantage of updating your Flash, Adobe and Java updates along with latest plug ins for Web browser. A professional service will help you with regular security patch updates and help detect weak or vulnerable security points. However, one thing that you can do at your end is to install robust anti-virus software to help with receiving regular system updates.Encrypt Your HDD and USBEncrypting your laptop is yet another option to keep it safe and secure. You need to encrypt your hard drive to ensure that your data is secure. This way even in case of theft your data cannot be tampered with via connecting it to another laptop. No one will be able to access your files. Even after removing the password or cracking the Windows code your data will still be secured.A USB is yet another essential storage device that you need to take utmost care of it. You can either encrypt it yourself by entering a password or purchase an encrypted USB Drive. However, remember to choose 256-bit AES encryption. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to purchase an FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification or higher than it.Other Quick TipsFollowing are some of the quick tips to keep in mind:• Make it a habit of taking an online backup either through an online storage provider or an anti virus provider.
• You can even opt for a two -way firewall. This will block any illegal access through network as well as through internet connection. You can opt for Comodo, Norton, McAfee or ZoneAlarm.
• Choose a service like OpenDNS that will help block adult and mature content online along with malware and virus attack.
• Encrypting your Wi-Fi network is essential to stop illegal access and hacking. seek a professional service in this regard to help you with Wi-Fi Protect Access.